Cant add customer to send traffic/prefix stripping

Hello i would like to do voip call termination and i want to know on my free pbx how to create a route and add customer to send traffic also when sending a call i want to drop customer prefix or number and pick sip number thirdly i want to know about billing how will i bill my customers?

OK. Slowly - I had a small stroke at the beginning of March, so I’m not a quick to follow as I was.

You’ve listed a whole bunch of destinations, but not really a lot of paths to getting to them. For example, adding a route is literally as simple as adding a route in the “route” module.

There’s not really such a thing as a ‘customer’ in FreePBX, since that implies a multi-tenant setup and FreePBX doesn’t really ‘do’ multi-tenant very well. All of that kind of management (usage stats, etc.) is normally handled outside of the system using the reports and databases that the system maintains.

One thing that might help is that inbound calls and outbound calls are different enough that it helps to think of them as distinct things, so if you want to manipulate an inbound call’s Caller ID, you can do it simply through one of several different mechanisms. Outbound CID is manipulated the same “basic” way, but using different tools.

Billing your customers is handled completely outside FreePBX. There are plenty of billing packages out there that can read the Asterisk database and generate invoices.

Hope that helps.


You don’t use FreePBX for this. This is not what is was designed for.

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I have Renal Cell Carcinoma and we’ve been fighting it with some drugs that can cause high blood pressure. I let mine get out of control and it gave me something called “PRESS”, which is an idiopathic swelling of the brain - basically a reversible stroke.

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