Cant add addresses to whitelist

Is there a limit to how many people can be in the white list or why would it turn red when I try to add a new line?

I see a recent thread about freepbx 15 having this issue, but this server is

Pasting the IP or tryping it out manually doesnt change anything, I can’t click the save button. Tried multiple browsers and I tried clearing cache.


Is this what you’re seeing?

I found this thread, which I think will fix the issue, though when I turned on the “Intrusion Detection Sync Firewall” Setting it really bogged down the PBX for a minute.

Fail2ban and fwconsole - FreePBX / Security - FreePBX Community Forums

Not sure what settings were wrong but the gui broke not too long after turning on that feature

Looks like its out of memory now, going to force a reboot and see what happens

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