Cant access SSH

I have just completed what looks like a succesful install on a Xen VPS (centos 5.4) using the following instructions:

The only issue I seem to have is that when I try to log onto the server via ssh, I get booted off and the message:
/bin/bash:permission denied

Can anyone suggest a reason or solution?

Most systems prevent root from ssh’ing in. Could be the sshd stopping you. The idea is that you ssh in under joe user account then su to root.


I have always connected via root on this server and coul until the freepbx install was finished!

Not being an expert on these matters, I am not aware of any other logins for ssh, so how can I get on to add a new user?

This is a linux issue and not a FreePBX issue which is probably why no solution has been posted. You can post the error into Google and receive approximately 127,000 explanations and solutions to this problem. Here is one of many…