Can't access internet after connecting VPN


Time ago I received this recommendation Can I run VPN server in my FreePBX VPS? - #2 by dicko
for installing OpenVPN on my FreePBX VPS and while I can connect from my Windows desktop using the OpenVPN client, I can’t browse internet sites while the VPN connection is active, so I was wondering if I am missing something.

You have the VPN settings probably configured to route all traffic through the VPN tunnel instead of just traffic destined for the subnet you are trying to reach.

This is how you would go about enabling that option to begin with:

You could probably look at relevant settings in that article and try and setup the opposite.

Thanks for the recommendation
I also have the Fortinet client installed but don’t have the same issue when using it.

Be sure the following are in your .ovpn config file:

pull-filter ignore redirect-gateway

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