Can't access Digium D40 web user interface

When trying to logon to the web interface for my digium D40 I get the error “access to this web user interface has been disabled”. I have the Digium Phones Module (DPMA) enabled and endpoint manager enabled, although I don’t have a commercial license for EPM so I can’t control Digium phones. Is the DPMA and/or the EPM causing this issue? Is there a way to use the DPMA to make provisioning easier while still allowing web user interface access for each individual phone?

DPMA and the Commercial Endpoint manager should both disable the phone’s web interface by default. Use of the phone’s web interface as a means of configuration on top of (simultaneously with ) another means of configuration (DPMA or Commercial Endpoint manager - which writes the XML config for the phone) is highly discouraged. Thus, the web interface is disabled.