Can't access AMPORTAL after changing the AUTHTYPE = from "none to database"

installed Trisbox from the donwloadable ISO.

It all goes just fine during the installatin but whe I change AUTHTYPE= from “none” to "database I loose access to the “amportal”. I verify the settings on the amportal.conf and run the “” and even reboot the server but the only way I can get back on the amportal (freepbx) pages is by changing the AUTHTYPE= back to “none” .

I have "Freepbs 2.3.3 and Feature Code Admin (Asterisk and all of this under Redhat.
Is amportal reliable? I’m very new (the newest) Linux user and I’m sure it is something I don’t understand. Any help anyone???

As I said, this is a fresh installation from the download cd. Even after I upgrade the modules and reload, I cant seem to find the correct user with credentials. I tried “asteriskuser”, “maint”, “admin” and ever Admin users I created on the Amportal with no luck.

If I change the AUTHTYPE from “database to none”, I can launch the Amportal and it says it is logged in with “asteriskuser” credentials.

Any idea???

If you are comfortible with SQL you can verify the user name (should be admin:admin)

connect to mysql
from memory you may need to do show tables as I don’t have it in front of me…
use asteriskdb;
SELECT * from amp_users;

Hi… Thanx for your comment.

As I said, I’m very new to Linux. Would you by chance have any links or documents on this?

I may be in the wrong groups since most of the discussions are way beyone me.

I do appreciate your time very much. rr/07

echo “SELECT username,password FROM ampusers;” | mysql -u asteriskuser -pamp109 asterisk

Copy and paste the above to your shell. This will work assuming your username and password is the default

With TB you will need to edit a second file, as I do not have TB running I will TRY to point you to it.

the file is a HTTPD control file it would be named trixbox or trixbox.conf
the file should be /etc/trixbox/httpdconf/trixbox.conf
I think

so nano /etc/trixbox/httpdconf/trixbox.conf

should open it for you
remove or rem out the parts you wish to have access to.
then do a httpd -k restart

you have now given anyone who want’s it access to the GUI
beware this is not GOOD…