Cannot start Asterisk with DMPA v3.1.0

FreePBX 13.0.167
DPMA v3.0.1

Our office bought the new Digium D62 phones, and I’m trying to upgrade the DPMA module to v3.1.0 to support the D6x line of phones, but each time I replace:

I cannot start up Asterisk. I’ve recorded the output, and I’m sure the offending line is this

asterisk: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/asterisk/modules/ undefined symbol: ast_sip_get_sorcery


DPMA Support’s handled by Digium directly. Digium Support can be reached via the means outlined at


In this case, the module is unable to load because the FreePBX system has CHAN_PJSIP disabled. Simply omit or remove the module to allow Asterisk and DPMA to operate normally with CHAN_SIP.