Cannot send or receive calls from softphone

Hello Everyone. I am new to both FreePBX and Asterisk and need some help getting things set up. I got my softphone connected, set up my trunk but cannot receive or send any calls. When trying to make a call I get this:

I get an almost identical result when calling my trunk CID. The server received the call but plays the same “number dialed is not in service” thing… I tried playing around with inbound and outbound routes with no luck. If anyone has any clue what the issue could be or at-least find the area where the issue could be I would really appreciate it! Thanks to everyone for helping.

Moved forward a bit. Changed from chan_pjsip to chan_sip. Gotrunk seemed to not work with chan_pjsip. Now the issue I’m having is with call routing. When making an inbound call my softphone does not ring but gotrunk picks up the call. The server just plays the no service sound.

When calling outside from the server it just plays the sound straight away. I played around with call routing but no luck. I need to figure out how internal extensions, caller ID’s and inbound/outbound routing work.

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