Cannot register

I’ve been having issues registering my phones outside my internal network. I have tried with Yate and X-Lite and have the same issue.

I have ports 5060 and 10000-20000 for RTP forwarded. When I try to register my extension with an outside IP it will connect, drop, then Yate will error out “Reason: Unauthorized (noauth)”

Checking the log files all I see is that the extension was registered successfully, then immediacy becomes unavailable.

I have tested both with my work network behind a PFSense firewall, and put up an image on my amazon EC2 just to rule out PFSense problems…

I am using pbxinaflash purple, Asterisk 1.8, FreePBX 2.10. Asterisk SIP Settings are setup behind NAT and the external IP and local are correct.

Story of my life… after I spend days trying to figure something out then post.

My ISP is blocking my home connection from just connecting to my PBX. Once I tried using 2 business accounts it’s worked fine.