Cannot register xlite against freepbx 13

Okay this should be elementry and done it several times in the past. But this is a new version of free so, what can go wrong?

I have sip_chan set for sip client called xlite. The extension is 210. The secret password generated by free is set up in xlite. So all fields are set to 210 except the secret. Is there a tutorial on Version 13 I could quickly glance over?


Didn’t you just post this same topic not two hours ago?

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Andrew, would you please tell digium to stop changing the FreePBX interface for you :wink:


Hey Dicko,

So my sip client settings are as follows
User ID: 210
Domain: > pbx ip
Password: generated by FPBX
Display name:210
Auto name:210

Domain Proxy: left default
Send outbound: left default

Every other option: Left Default

Freepbx13 settings
Application >Extensions >general tab
Display name : 210
Outbound CID: MY sip provider DID

Link to Default User:none
Password for new user:210
Groups blank.

All other tabs are default.

The xlite is displaying “enabeling account please wait” then times out with account failed to enable. Problem at server Sip 408

Second error comes up SIP error 503


I don’t want to go there again.

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not the answer that is fine. you are having pc issues. So I was googling for a answer and others have had the same issue. Deleting a file in the xlite folder did not work. I have not had a issue with registering xlite in the past with older versions of freepbx. What sip client do you trust with free13?

BTW if you do not midn the bulk, toughbooks make great laptops. Well sort off LOL power supply over heated on last cf-29 so I a on a 30

is your xlite on the same network as the pbx? is it remote?

yes same network and a simple linksys router connects the laptop and server together.

See what happens when I am away?

Lortech, I really doubt you have a router connecting your phone and your server. It’s a switch or possibly a hub. It may also have a router built in.

Learn the difference between IP and Ethernet and you will have an easier time troubleshooting.

Same if you understand that Sangoma and the community author FreePBX and Digium authors Asterisk.

There is no registration bug and installing unsupported software is not the solution. You realize you would have to hunt down all the old dependencies too? End of life is end of life.

Good luck

Are you sure about the right sip_chan port?
Please check the listening port for Chan_sip and use this. May you are using PJSIP port.

I just tested xlite with freepbx 13 and it works just fine

I made out going call and imcoming call

Of course I know the electrical ethernet standards vs IP! I do network all the time installing cisco gear. Guess one cannot flup up the terms. I think its just a simple issue with the software settup. Traffic is perhaps passing normally though the ports of the switch as I can get ICMP ping cross traffic.