Cannot receive inboud calls since I change IP

Hello Community

I have successfully installed and configured FreePBX ( Due to network reconfiguration, we had to change the IP and we have installed a new internet line dedicated for FreePBX. Since then, we cannot receive inbound calls anymore.

  • Originally, my server was:, Subnet:, Def gateway: I had a fix IP address (which was my WAN IP).
  • I reconfigured the server to be on, sub:, DefGW: New internet line with New fix IP address.
  • I reconfigured the routes on my firewall to point to the new IP…
  • Cannot receive Inbound calls.

What did I missed?



My router is a Sonicwall 205, it can support multiple wan connections. I Tested it.

First the SIP ALG on the Sonicwalls needs to be shut off? This is probably not causing the issue but everyone here will recommend that it be disabled.

We need a call trace of a call not coming in? If we do not see a call hit the server it is probably a network.firewall issue and we would troubleshoot differently?

Similar situation happened to me after I restored a backup. Did you happen to go to Settings-Asterisk SIP settings, and change the IP info there?