Cannot put multiple speed dials on P320

Hi guys,

Just got new P series phones installed today.

Hoping if you can assist with few small issues I encountered:

  • Company wants to have 2-page groups displayed next to the line buttons; right now, only 1 shown (both groups are displays in contacts).
  • When I press horizontal key – contacts, it only displays page groups, how to make contact from contact manger to be displayed via that button?

Attached picture for clarification.

Thank you!

Most of these changes are done through the Endpoint Manager.

Settings → Endpoint Manager → Burger Menu (on the right side of the page) → Sangoma → D&P series phones and then you edit the template that then gets assigned to an extension.

Not sure if the phone app on these ties to the contacts in the Contact Manager module but the template editor above does have the “APP-Contacts” as an available button assignment, which is what you see on your screen in that screenshot already.

Yes, I made sure app-contacts was selected but no contacts shown.
Any other way to check?

Here is my template/model settings for P320 phones. I found that users in groups had access to contacts disabled, I will see if this affects contact button.

Still not sure why only 1 speed dial displaying. If someone from Sangoma can explain?

If you read the Note: above it tells you not to use Line Key1.

Move those down into Line Key 2 and 3. Also why is the account on your Page engineers set to Account 2 instead of 1?

I will try this, thank you for letting me know this, I might just put account 2 accidentally, was running out of time.

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