Cannot provision using HTTPS/System Admin Pro with Polycom using LetsEncrypt certificate (resolved)

Freepbx firmware 10.13.66-15
Asterisk 13.18.3

I have been successful provisioning using HTTP in the system admin pro provisioning protocols menu. However, I will not prov using HTTPS. I’ve already provided an SSL certificate and confirmed that I can access the port that I configured in port management (and I’m connecting to the fqdn on the cert).

I do not think HTTPs provisioning is working correctly.
Whereas HTTP provisioning options configured a virtual port to bind to /tftpboot/ in /etc/httpd/conf.d/schmoozecom.conf there is no corresponding HTTPs port.

Is this configured elsewhere for https provisioning? If so, what other file would this be written to? I see traffic hitting the port and can login to the port through a webbrowser and it gives me the default apache site. When I set the polycom to use https it states that it cannot find the file (ie mac.conf). If I change the https to http and change the port of the provisioning server it pulls the config straight away, so it’s not an issue with credentials.

I found a similar issue noted for Yealink phones HTTPS Provisioning failing with Yealink T42S

That could very well be my issue (the letsencrypt cert).


I’ve upgraded to 5.6.1 and I was able to connect to the provisioning server on https (didn’t bother to try with 5.2.2 as the polycom tech suggested in that post).

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