Cannot make PJSIP IP aurthentication trunk work for inbound calls with Flowroute's new servers

I am running FreePBX Flowroute has new regional servers that can send inbound IP authentication calls from one of 64 different IP addresses, in 4 groups of 16. Flowroute recommended a PJSIP trunk. I have set up my trunk per Flowroutes specifications, yet FreePBX rejects the incoming Invite with 401. Flowroute has reviewed all my settings and does not understand why it does not work. I looked at the Asterisk files generated by FreePBX for my trunk. I specified None for both Authentication and Registration, since it is not a register trunk. However, I was surprised to find these lines:


in the generated pjsip.auth_custom.conf file. It should not be an auth trunk. Might that be the problem? Is that a Freepbx bug? Any other ideas what the problem might be?

I just created a guide for setting this up today. I understand that Flowroute says your config is proper, but maybe just run through the guide and see if there is anything that might be missing. Like firewall, match settings, etc…


Another guess, are you specifying the correct port within Flowroute to send the call to?

Your edit nailed it! My version of FreePBX, which is different than yours, was doing pjsip on 5061. My settings were otherwise correct. Once I changed the port, it all worked. Thanks for your help!

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