Cannot make outgoing call

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I have a problem when trying to make outgoing calls trough my freepbx server.
I can receive incoming calls using my UMTS/GSM Router and my server but when trying to call an external number using a softfone I got the error : all circuits are busy now.
This my config bellow

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I tested calling an extension using my phone and it works which means that the sip line seems to work but trying call the number who calls my virtual phone I got a destination not found. I think that the problem is the dial pattern.I want to call a +226 XX XX XX XX number
This is the dial pattern config on outbound

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See link provided above, please post the call log.

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I didn’t receive anything when typing the command.The first image is the result of tail -f /var/log/asterisk/full command


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Asterisk log files

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Please read the link carefully, find the call in CDR, follow the instructions of getting the Call ID and pipe it with pastebin.

Post the pastebin link here.

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