Cannot Install Endpoint Manager

I am trying to install the Endpoint Manager Commercial module ( on a box as that module is disabled pending upgrade to that version. However, it will not install due to, “System Admin module version or higher is required, you have”.
The System Admin module shows as enabled and up to date without an option to upgrade to that version.
When I attempted to force an install of that version of the Endpoint Manager from the CLI, it stuck at Listen 80.
Is there a workaround or a way I can download an earlier version of the Endpoint Manager?
Thank you for your help!

You need to be on FreePBX 2.11 you are on 2.10

If that’s the case, why is that the version that’s available for download? Is there a way I can access the latest compatible version for 2.10?

The EPM requires 2.11, period. 2.12 is on the way any reason why you have delayed the upgrade?

Unfortunately at this point all commercial modules now require sysadmin 2.11 which requires freepbx 2.11. You will have to upgrade.


It’s 12, no 2.x.

Thanks for your help!

Opps…I stand corrected

Yes sorry that was not made clear.