Cannot inbound route calls from doorstation

Hi all,
searched a lot but couldn’t find an answer…

i have a small FreePBX with 5 phones (5 extensions) running.
they can call each other, and can call extern and can be called from extern.

my doorstation is also an registered extension with number 55…
when the doorbell button is pressed, the doorstation calls number 88 (can be changed)
i want to connect 88 to an inbound route to be able to use a time condition which sends the call to one of two ringgroups.
But the inbound route does not get the call from the doorstation, even if DID and CID is empty.
What is going on?

inbound routes are for external calls only


But then, how do i connect the 88 to a time condition?

One way would be via a misc application.

Thank you, i will look that up ( never heard of it…) :slight_smile:

Thank you. Looks good. Will try that!

thanks dicko!
misc application is easy to setup and works like a charm!

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Well, today i noticed a drawback:
My misc application does react on the feature code *8877 generated by pressing the doorbell button.
When i set the misc applications destination say to extension 20, all works fine, the door intercom rings the extension, and the intercom is quiet until someone answers it’s call, which is what i want.
But when i set the misc apps destination to the time condition (or a ring group), to be able to switch ring groups on a timed basis, the intercom acts different.
Until someone answeres, it plays ringing tone with it’s speakers, and at the start of the call a short harsh sound is heard.
What can i do to change that?

found a solution: in the ringgroup i set “send progress” to NO.
Then the intercom acts normal again.

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