Cannot get the "Queues" tab to show up in Sangoma Phone Desktop App

I have followed all instructions from but I still can’t get the Queues tab to show in Sangoma Phone Desktop App.

Could the language of the application create the issue ? My application is in French and it seems like I can’t change that. I’ve configured my user and group in English in FreePBX’ User manager module but it remains in French.

I also installed the latest beta 4.0.4-alpha.23 and still nothing.

It seems like it was a weird bug with language…

After trying to change the language at the user and group level (without success), I also changed the language in Windows and in my browsers. Nothing worked. Then I changed the language at the extension level and the application changed to English and the “Queues” tab showed up !

After that, I switched back to French and it kept working. I don’t know what caused this but it works now.

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