Cannot get back call on hold

Lately I installed FreePBX and updated all modules, but if I set a call on hold by opening a new call with my Grandstream GXP1628, and I cannot get back that call on holm

Please provide the full log for the hold and the attempted restoration, with “pjsip set logger on” (or the equivalent for your actual channel driver) in effect.

Thx very much for your help!
Here a link with zipped file:

I cannot attach a file in here, as new user, pls reply me

There are no timestamps, which means you screen scraped rather than used the logs, and that I can only give line numbers not timing.

[email protected] successfully put the call on hold between lines 247 and 332. At no time after that did 334 attempt to retrieve the call. At line 799 [email protected] hung up, which caused Asterisk to hang up the held call, at line 858,