Cannot find the database table for a module

Some information was lost while the configuration was moved between the servers using the standard backup/restore process. I was able to manually restore some missing data by exporting/importing the corresponding tables from/to the database.
However I’m stuck with a part of Follow Me configuration - the Fixed CID Value is lost for all the extensions and I cannot even find the known values in the database. I thought that the data I need are stored in findmefollow table, but I was not able to see the known numbers in the dump I made with

mysqldump -u root -p asterisk findmefollow > findmefollow.sql

Please advise where this information is stored.

I don’t believe the value you are looking for is in mysql at all, it’s the the AstDB. From the Asterisk CLI FMFM settings for 6007 are:

58448910*CLI> database show ampuser 6007/followme
/AMPUSER/6007/followme/annmsg                     :
/AMPUSER/6007/followme/changecid                  : default
/AMPUSER/6007/followme/ddial                      : EXTENSION
/AMPUSER/6007/followme/dring                      :
/AMPUSER/6007/followme/fixedcid                   :
/AMPUSER/6007/followme/grpconf                    : DISABLED
/AMPUSER/6007/followme/grplist                    : 6007
/AMPUSER/6007/followme/grppre                     :
/AMPUSER/6007/followme/grptime                    : 20
/AMPUSER/6007/followme/postdest                   : ext-local,6007,dest
/AMPUSER/6007/followme/prering                    : 7
/AMPUSER/6007/followme/remotealertmsg             :
/AMPUSER/6007/followme/ringing                    : Ring
/AMPUSER/6007/followme/rvolume                    :
/AMPUSER/6007/followme/strategy                   : ringallv2-prim
/AMPUSER/6007/followme/toolatemsg                 :
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*CLI> database show ampuser 201/followme/fixedcid
/AMPUSER/201/followme/fixedcid                    : 8888888888               
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OK, managed to extract the numbers from the old database with
sqlite3 astdb.sqlite3 .dump | grep AMPUSER.*fixedcid
then restored numbers using
asterisk -rx "database put AMPUSER XXX/followme/fixedcid yyyyyy"


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