Cannot enter conference from IVR

Hi All,

We have a conference on extension 9100, and we have checked “Enable Direct Dial” on the IVR settings page, but if we dial 9100 it says it’s invalid.

Is this the intended behavior? It feels wrong to me. If a conference has an extension, then shouldn’t it be accessible via direct dial, just like any user extension?


This is an old post, but something I was interested in as well. So I’m posting in case someone else has the same question…

It appears that this is the intended behavior…either one must tie a DID to the conference room, or add an IVR option. I can change the behavior by modifying the extensions_additional.conf file…adding an “include =>ext-meetme” line near the beginning of the appropriate ivr context. But of course this change is overwritten the next time I use FreePBX.

Does anyone have any suggestions which would result in the behavior desired by dzone (and me)?


Well we use the IVR to allow only certian rooms to be available. We have several private ones that are for internal company use only and I in no way want the outside to figure out how to get in and have access to conversations (yes that’s what pin codes are for until you have somebody who can’t handle a complex numbers line 6376).

There is a easy fix for those that do not care about having security like I stated above.

create and/or edit extensions_custom.conf and add the following:

[ivr-2-custom] ;change number to match the IVR you want it included in
include =>ext-meetme

That’s it. once it is placed in the custom file it will not get overwritten but it will get called. You SHOULD NEVER edit a config file unles it ends in _custom.conf as it WILL get overwritten if not every time the system applies a change then when there is a update for that module.

Thanks for the reply. I do have conference rooms set up as you describe for internal customers. It is just inevitable that the sales guy will want to have a one-off conference with external clients, and will want them to just be able to dial in without a PIN. I agree that this isn’t as secure, but manageable for its occasional use.

Thanks again for the information. I love Asterisk/FreePBX!