Cannot dial any number

I am using FreePBX on Ubuntu 14.04. A single phone on my network fails to call any number. The extension can receive calls from inbound routes and other extensions, but cannot dial. I constantly get NO RESPONSE errors. I have other phones on the network that operate fine. The phone is a Grandstream GXP2170. The phone was working for months and randomly stopped dialing. I started running in circles with troubleshooting so I thought I would give the forum a try.

Main Points:
Phone Registers Fine
Phone Can Receive Any Call (with two way audio)
Phone Cannot Dial Any Extension or Outbound Route

Tried upgrading phone firmware, updating freepbx modules, factory reset phone, packet captures, remaking routes, remaking extensions.

Any info or troubleshooting help would be greatly appreciated.

Post output from the CLI of asterisk when you try to call other local extension.

This is where I get confused. I reconnect with asterisk -r -vvvvv and when I call from that phone nothing shows up. As a control when I use another phone to call the troubled extension, the cli fills with information like normal.

Try to contact grandstream