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Cannot configure an IVR

(Toure Amidou) #1

I have a problem when configuring an IVR in Freepbx
This is what I proceeed
1 I created an IVR
2 After that I created an extension for my IVR using the number 2003
3 I created an Inbound route and set the DID number of my inboud route to 2003
4 In the page SET Destination I selected IVR and I associated a recording that I was added previously
5 I login in Xlite with the credentials of my extension 2003
6 When I call my IVR I can respond but I hear a music that is not the recording I have used

Is someone who could help me?


The inbound route should be pointed to the IVR, not the extension

(Toure Amidou) #3

Thank you It’s work

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