Cannot call a few specific numbers - Broken dial plan?!?

Good afternoon everyone :o)

I have a weird problem on our PBX - Every time we dial a specific number (01234 567890 - let’s say, for arguments sake) - The call seems to leave the PBX through our SIP provider, then come straight back to the PBX with [email protected] with the following error:

– Called SIP/VoIP Unlimited/01234567890
[2013-01-23 15:02:43] NOTICE[3185]: chan_sip.c:19556 handle_response_invite: Failed to authenticate on INVITE to ‘“our-outbound-sipID” sip:[email protected];tag=as2b941758’
– SIP/VoIP Unlimited-0000001e is circuit-busy

Any idea’s people? I haven’t made any changes to the dial-plan that I actually know of! :frowning: It seems to be several random numbers that this happens on.

are you limited by your sip provider on the number of outgoing calls?

Nope, we have unlimited incoming/outgoing concurrent calls

is it the exact same numbers every time that do not work?

Yes, it’s a specific number that’s being called each time that fails :frowning: I cannot find the number referenced in any specific dialling plans or configuration files.

Furthermore, I have absolutely no special settings or features enabled. I have reverted back to stock FreePBX configs for arguments sake!