Cannot BLF call forward

Is it possible to have a BLF associated to CallForward ??

I have played around with no results

*72(number) doesn’t produce any hint
*96(number) produces

_*96X.@ext-cf-hints : Custom:DEVCF${EXTEN: State:Unavailable Presence: Watchers 0

but no working BLF (how should the phone BLF key be configured ??)

Any…hint ?

Hints are dynamic now, which means they are only created if there is a subscriber. The CF hints take the form


before you program your phone, you will get this from the Asterisk CLI:

*CLI> core show hint *96
No hints matching extension *96

After setting the BLF on the phone, the subscribe line shows up in the full log:

    -- Added extension '*962012' priority -1 to ext-cf-hints

And now at the CLI, you can show the hint:

*CLI> core show hint *96
*[email protected]: Custom:DEVCF2012      State:Busy            Presence:not_set         Watchers  1
1 hint matching extension *96

*CLI> core show hint *96
No hints matching extension *96

Set CF on the phone by keyboard *96 + ext num

CF accepted and working but still :

*CLI> core show hint *96
No hints matching extension *96

No “-- Added extension ‘*96xxxx’ priority -1 to ext-cf-hints” into log

“Dynamically Generate Hints” set to YES on advanced settings
Should something be enabled per extension ?

OK , after some checks I’m a little bit confused :

Feature code has to be assigned to a button to generate hint.

What I need is to use a button to activate a CF and another to deactivate CF
Or better , a single toggle button to toggle CF to a PRESET ext number

In any case, a light has to notify the CF is ON

A BLF button set to *72xxxx do activate CF but produces no hint
A BLF button set to *96xxxx do activate CF , produces *[email protected]: Custom:DEVCFxxxx hint BUT lamp doesn’t work
This last button deactivates CF if set, but otherwise, it asks for extension number every time.

What other could I try ??

I found an old discussion about :
Is something changed from 2013 ??

Thank you

If Asterisk is showing the hint with core show hints and the hint state changes in asterisk as appropriate, then the issue is with the phone. I have noted in the past that Aastra phones need a reboot for the LED to work, possibly other phones as well.

This needs to be NO. Please turn it off. It does not do what you think it does!

OK set to NO

But…Is it implemented (or it will be) a feature to toggle CF on and off to a defined number without entering the number every time ?

You can do this with Follow Me.

Hello, Igaetz, the problem for me is exactly here. I managed previously an Elastix 2.5 installation, and I can still access it. In this installation, “core show hints” shows four hints for each phone :
[email protected]
*[email protected]
*[email protected]
*[email protected]

I am preparing an Elastix 4.0 installation. In this version, core show hints shows only one hint for each phone, there is only one hint beginning by * in the full listing, *[email protected], which does not correspond to an extension. In this version (Asterisk 11.20.0) is there something to activate somewhere to have the hints generated ?

After that, things are easy : In Elastix 2.5, I had just set a programmable key :
BLF --> *2141
And this switches the call forward, and switches the lamp as well (on an Aastra 6755)
And I had several keys for different forward :
BLF --> *2133
BLF --> *2155

I think it should work as well with :
BLF --> *210689123456

Note that on this system *21 is the code defined for Call Forward Toggle

UPDATED : I found the ansver here :

I have found the answer :
In this version of Elastix / FreePbx, you have to :

Go to FreePbx / Advanced settings

Set “Enable Custom Device States” to True
save (the little check button on the right of the line)

And now core show hints shows all the desired hints.