Cannot Backup To Dropbox

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I’ve done this before and don’t remember how I set this up. I created an “app” in Dropbox, gave it a name, and created a token. All info is entered into the filestore module and the backup runs fine until it gets to saving the backup file in Dropbox. What I think I have wrong is the path. Since it’s an app, it puts everything related to said app in the “Apps” folder and then the subfolder with the name of the app. So far the subfolder shows up but of course nothing is inside. I don’t know if I need the full path, the path starting from \Apps or \PBX (the name of my “app”), whether to use / or \ in the path, and so on. Does anyone have this working that can tell me what to look for? Thanks in advance!

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Does no one know?


I had this issue and just solved it by using only the app path and nothing else - not even slashes. Any other path I tried gave a 401 error. Might want to also check permissions, especially the read/write for content.