Cannot access user control pannel. Wrong path

I have compiled and installed asterisk and freepbx from scratch. Having a problem all folders to access freepbx gui are located under /var/www/freepbx.
So to login to the stystem i have to type http://srverip/freepbx/admin when I try to access user control panned it cannot find the page as it is looking for http://serverip/recordings which is located at http://var/www/freepbx. How can I fix this.

Thank you.

If “from scratch” and using the unmodified install script where the “help” output does not work as expected, it is probably still best to use the “traditional” path of /var/www/html for your apache documentroot, the script was written for CentOS. Deep within you can find where the “addons” are installed, last time I looked there were still some hardcoded paths, you might need to adjust to suit. . .