Cannot access GUI Interface

Hi, I lost my GUI Interface. I changed my IP address to the new subnet and default gateway residing on the new LAN. I changed the IP addresses in the GUI Under SYSTEM ADMIN>Network Settings> STATIC IP ADDRESS. When I switch over to the new LAN, I tried to access the GUI and I get a connection timed out. Google chrome cannot find the address. I’m running the PBX on my server, through VMware. The IP address on the virtual machines are set up to use auto bridging. I changed the host IP addresses also to match the new subnet. Also when I went and looked at the FreePBX welcome on the local Machine Cmd prompt, it displays the old IP address. I tried the “fwconsole restart” to see if the connection or IP address would refresh, but its still displaying the old address. Now my phones cannot register with the PBX. I get a request timeout error. Is there a way to change IP address locally at the machine thru the cmd prompt?

if you are using the freepbx firewall you may need to add it to that as well. try rebooting a couple of times in quick succession and it should disable the firewall so that you can get in and fix it