Can Zulu client open a link to URL when starting an outgoing call?


we are evaluating Zulu client and we would like to have the ability to open a URL when we start an outgoing call. Is this something we can do?

e.g. http://server/form?${CALLERID(num)}

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I wouldn’t expect so, but I could be wrong.

Zulu is a telephony application, and while being very robust, I’d expect that to be outside the scope. It sounds like what you are looking for is something mre akin to a CRM interface, which would apply the same to call phones, regardless of technology. Sangoma does have a CRM interface commercial package that might hit close to the sweet spot on this requirement.

If that’s not where you want to go, you can add this functionality to the Hooking for fun and income article and see if adding a dialplan hook for outgoing calls might meet your needs.

Thank you very much for your reply.

Indeed, maybe this is a grey area between a telephony application and a CRM.

What we’re trying to do, is to add a comment/note in every call out agents receive or make using the SIP client, in order to use that later for reporting purposes.

This is easily done for incoming calls, since Zulu can trigger any URL when an incoming call is received, but we’re missing the same functionality for calls initiated by us.

Since it’s only this one trigger missing, we’d really like to stick with the Zulu client if possible, instead of the other way around, integrating telephony functionality in a CRM engine.

There is a Feature Request area on the Support page for requests like this. If the app doesn’t support what you need, perhaps you can get some support from Sangoma.

Not sure (never done any of the following before), but if you look at the logs for an inbound call and see how Zulu is called for screen pop, you may be able to add those same calls to the outbound calls via the link Dave supplied.

Another option might be to build some custom dial plan that turns the outbound call into an inbound call and have the popup fire that way.

The best answer is probably what Dave recommends with a feature request.

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