Can you remind me why: SangomaOS (does not have this feature)

Any plans for …
Maybe a commercial module …

Having a dashboard showing a monitoring of the registered IP endpoints.

With a GREEN indicator for its status (online / registered)
With a RED indicator if it is offline, etc

Showing in the columns: IP address, phone make/model, and firmware (maybe some other cool items)

Other low cost IP PBX boxes are doing this already.
They use Asterisk at their core.

I would second this, it should be better integrated into the EPM. The EPM already does this to a degree, but you have to click a button on each mapped extension to see its status. There’s no general overview like this, other than on the Asterisk Info Report page.
The one thing I do to see currently registered lines, while also getting some details of the registration, is by using:

asterisk -rx "database show registrar"

I’ll combine that with a variety of cut commands to clean it up more.
But having a clean, simple overview like @sawgood1000 mentioned would be nice.

Do you want a device manager? (EPM) Or an operator console? (iSymphony or FOP2) The tools are there but you have to be clear on what you want.

Multi-line devices probably have multiple registrations. If you want to see the status of every line then presence/hints are the right thing to be monitoring.


this is pure EPM stuff.

if you just want a really sparkly dashboard to gawk at I can sell you something :smiley: Guaranteed to be “cool” or your money back.

Not your whole wishlist


A couple lines of CSS and he can have red/green as desired.

Well, I am not looping though all extensions. Just looping through the result of this: PJSIPShowRegistrationInboundContactStatuses.

I installed the Extension_status as directed from sorvani but received the following error when running it.

Call to undefined function str_starts_with()

Please advise how to correct this.

Nevermind, I missed the short section about commenting out a line based on whether running FreePBX 15 or 16.

All works fine now.

Thanks for sharing this script.

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FOP2 and EMP together do everything in the OP’s wishlist and more - just not “green light, red light” Registered extensions in FOP2 are green, unregistered extensions are grey. FPO2 is not terribly expensive for all of the features it includes ($50 as I recall).

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