Can you please update doc for freeswitch and voice cards

(James Zhu) #1

I found that this link for sangoma vocie cards and freeswitch is not completed:
It missed dialplan for freeswitch, Can you update that?


The dial plan has very little to do with the hardware.
Are you having trouble installing the Sangoma voice card into your computer?

(James Zhu) #3

no hardware issus. Customer needs a completed doc for installation and dialplan as a sample. so he can follow it. Now, only freetdm.conf and freetdm.conf,xml file, there is no dialplan example. the old has a guide. but, move to, missed some files.

(TheJames) #4

This is not related to FreePBX. Please go to

(James Zhu) #5

ok, when i click the

it forwars me to wiki.freepbx, that;s why I come
still missed dialplan file, no more details:
I will submit a ticket.