Can you add custom phone model template for Endpoint Manager?

I am thinking about purchasing Endpoint Manager license for my FreePBX, but the phone models I need to provision (Cisco 8800 series 3PCC phones) are not on the list of supported or tested phones.
I have provisioned these models FROM SCRATCH by modifying the provisioning config files etc. on other PBX systems but have never used Endpoint Manager on FreePBX.

Please confirm if I can add a custom phone model with a custom configuration file in Endpoint Manager? I know there is a nice list of variables on the FreePBX Wiki for phone provisioning config files in Endpoint Manager which is great. And YES, I DO KNOW what I am getting myself into with making custom provisioning templates and don’t need to be told to stay away from it (I have done it dozens of times from scratch on other systems).

I’d really appreciate if someone can confirm if it is indeed possible to add custom phone model with custom config file on Endpoint Manager. Thanks

P.S. is there any way to get a TRIAL license for Endpoint Manager? I’m guessing there isn’t but just want to be sure…

Have you looked here?
It is community supported, but maybe you can help with that too.

You can’t add your own model templates to commercial EPM.

I have seen that however I cannot find a tarball or URL to install form, as I’d have to input that manually since this community module isn’t showing up on list of modules to download.
Any idea how to install the OSS End Point Manager ? i.e. can you provide URL to tarball ?

Ok, but in commercial endpoint manager is there at least is there any way to modify an existing phone’s template? i.e. the Cisco SPA504G has very similar template file which I’d like to edit to make it work for Cisco 8800-series 3PCC phones

You can modify templates:

UPDATE: I came across a post that mentioned that modules do not need to be tarball and that a zip from github would work.
I downloaded the OSS module’s zip from github however it gives a whole bunch of errors when you try to install it, including deprecated php functionality etc. this will need to be a separate topic but just wanted to put on record that the OSS endpoint manager isn’t a stable option at this time.

I tested OSS EPM last week after being told that it had been updated for php 7, and that was my conclusion as well. I’m not aware of a version that works with FreePBX 16.

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