Can you add BLF for individual phone on EPM?

I am surprised that currently in EPM I am finding that the only way to assign BLFs or line button assignments to a phone is by editing the phone’s template and then assigning. So in other words it looks like you currently have to edit the template to assign BLFs etc.
Is there really no way to assign BLFs to phones through EPM at the individual phone level? i.e. I need to configure each extension to have different BLFs and it would be kind of a hassle to have to create/duplicate/maintain dedicated templates for each. In other phone systems I was used to being able to push the central provisioning template for the model, but all line key assignments would be done at a phone-by-phone level. e.g. in the central provisioning template I could specify variables that would correspond to the extension’s BLF options etc. as set in extension BLF assignment edit interface. Any way to assign BLFs on a phone-per-phone basis in EPM without making dedicated templates that are applied for each phone?

This is how phone provisioning works. You have five phones with 5 different BLF layouts, you need five configs for it. No way of getting around that. This just isnt limited to the FreePBX EPM, it is just how this works.

You as an Admin and users (if permissions are enabled for UCP) can deviate from the default template settings for BLFs. In EPM, Global Settings enable Admin UCP for All and then use the “See UCP Custom Entries” in extension mapping.

Thanks, I believe that’s what I was looking for. I see now that the user has to login to UCP and set their BLF themselves only?? or is there a way Admin can do it for them??? again the goal is to have one standard provision template but admins can switch BLFs around per-extension without creating templates for each phone…

Exactly as stated above. Enable “Admin UCP for All” in EPM Global Settings and use the corresponding button in extension mapping to edit.

OK Now I see the button in EPM>Extension mapping after I logged out and logged back in. This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks so much.

Sorry that’s simply not true

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