Can we still Activate deployments?

Good afternoon. Am trying to activate a server in order to access and purchase commercial modules. When I hit the activate button under System Admin / System Activation the browser just spins but the page never reloads.

Thank you,


Hi Bill:

12 is well past end of life, so it is possible it won’t activate. However, this issue is usually caused by mis-configured DNS. Try using Googe’s DNS

Appreciate the response Lorne. We do have DNS set to

If that’s the case, you may be out of luck. Is there anything preventing you from upgrading to 13? Distro upgrade scripts for 12 are here:

Nothing but time. This is a light production box and would need to schedule a maintenance window to upgrade. We were trying to proof some call reporting features that required the Extension Routes module. Was hoping to quickly activate and load but looks like that will not be the case this evening.