Can we send SMS to a Mobile Number using FreePBX

Wanted to know whether we can send SMS to a Mobile Number using FreePBX.

If yes how can we achieve the same.

Is it possible for Indian Mobile Number as well?

Thank you.

Most cellular carriers have sms gateways, to which you send an email to and they send it on as sms.

Can you please help me in broader way to achieve this for a mobile number from FreePBX.

Any document or link to refer for the same

It’ll depend on your use case but an easy way of sending sms from your PBX is to send an email instead, to the destination carriers’ sms gateway.
You can use custom dial plan to send emails e.g or other methods.

In the US with e.g. Verizon you send an email to [email protected] and it will arrive as sms.
The party receiving the sms will be charged per text message.

Each cell carrier has a different format, so this will only work on a small scale if you know the cell numbers and destination carriers that you are sending the text to beforehand.

Alternatively your SIP provider in India might allow you to send text messages through them as well.

I believe you can also purchase a SMS gateway device that let’s you send/receive text messages, though have never used one.

This is more of an Asterisk question than a FreePBX question, but there are ways, using Asterisk and an SMS capable provider to do this. You’ll need to work with your local provider to see if they support sending and receiving SMS-like messages through your Asterisk gateway.

Voip Innovations has a generalized way of doing this with the SMS-enabled lines, but I’ve never done it.

FreePBX it self doesn’t have that option. I may be wrong, but I haven’t seen it. If you use a softphone you may use your cell phone. If you don’t want to use your cell, you can use your sms provider directly, or use a service like to send SMS. Good luck.

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