Can the Class of Service Module restrict Ext to ext calls

I have looked at the admin guide but I dont see Extension to Extension mentioned. If so I will buy it ASAP. Thanks

Unfortunately it can not do this.

I assume that there is no tenant to tenant app either from what I have read?
Thanks for the reply BTW

This is correct. However, there ARE a couple of ways to implement this. The easiest way to stop 1234 from calling 4321 is to change 4321s extension to be something secret - as an example, 987654321. Set 987654321’s outbound caller ID to be 4321, and then create a RING GROUP called 4321. Put 987654321 as the only member of the ring group, and you can then block access to that ring group.

In your other message:

FreePBX doesn’t support tenants. You can emulate it with Class of Service, but it’s much better (and much more manageable, both for you, and the clients) to just create a new instance of FreePBX.

I’m personally a big fan of LXC, which is lightweight and fast, but nothing’s stopping you from using standard virtualization.