Can someone tell me how to delete backups?

I keep getting emails saying my storage is 80% full. However my server is no where near full.
How can i see the backups it created and delete them?


Backups are wherever you put them, locally


or if legacy


for disk usage you did

df -h


du -hx --max-depth=1 /

if backed up externally, then you would have to examine the external system you used.when you find them then

rm -rf (the directory you set up)

I have my freepbx running on a vultr server and the message I get says /dev/vda2 is 80% full.

I don’t know how I can access the file system. I tried ftp but that did not work.

Generally vultr will not make a /dev/vda2, if you add a block storage then it would be there, either way

df -h

should identify your /dev/vda* devices and where they are mounted , if /dev/vda2 is not mounted anywhere, then mount it somewhere , go there and remove what you don’t want

If you have the newest FreePBX, there is now a setting on the scheduled backups to delete the old backups after X amount of time you select,