Can someone recommend a good 1 Port BRI Card


We are already using a Digium B410P card but we are looking for a BRI card with a single (or double) BRI interface. Can someone recommend a card that is working well with Freepbx/Elastix? Preferably with hardware echo cancelation?

sangoma all the way

Hi Tony,

Can you be more specific? What model, etc.? Does it have hardware echo cancellation?

Thanx for taking the time to respond.

Thanx to both of you!

Can someone tell me the difference between Sangoma A500 and B500? I don’t see any difference in the specs.

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The b500 is newer and expandable 30 4 ports. The a500 can go to 24.

So the B500 is the better choice?
I’m asking because it seems that the B500 is a lot cheaper (like 30% cheaper) than the A500 which is strange.

Hi all

I have just purchased an A500 and I would like to know which is the best procedure to follow to get it working with FreePBX Stable-1.816.210.58

Looking at the sangoma wiki I can see they suggest following a general procedure when using the A500 with Asterisk (

  1. Install Sangoma Hardware & Driver for Asterisk
  2. Configure Sangoma Hardware & Driver for Asterisk

I would like to know if it is required in install Sangoma drivers (wanpipe) once you have setup FreePBX Stable-1.816.210.58?

Any good step by step tutorials to get the A500 going with FreeBPX easily?