Can skype-connect join a Skype multi-party conference?

I have a question on functionality of skype-connect.

My company runs FreePBX as our voice platform, and hold
regular voice conferences.

We also use Skype multi-party for video conferencing.

Unfortunately we have one home-office worker, who has very
poor internet connection due to his remote location (100Mbps on a really good
day, highly variable latency). We find
that the FreePBX connection holds together most of the time for him in voice conferences,
but anything other than a simple point-to-point Skye video connection fails

Information sharing by video conference is often a better
user experience, so I am investigating options where we could use Skype for
multi-party video, but this person join by audio only.

This is not possible within Skype (you can always turn your
own camera off, but you cannot stop skype trying to send you the combined video
from other parties, which is what causes the thin link to crash).

We note that Skype connect is an option for FreePBX, however
this appears to just be a way to use Skype for PSTN trunks, which we do not
need – we do wonder though, it is possible to use Skype Connect to call (in or
out) from a FreePBX extension to a Skype video multi-party conference? If this is possible, the site with the poor
Internet could join audio-only both ways with his FreePBX phone, while the
other parties utilise the video conferencing.

I look forward to comment…