Can recieve inbound calls. Can't make outbound calls

a) I installed Asterisk based on steps illustrated in this URL:
b) Then Configured the PBX based on steps listed here:
c) Then configured 3CX softphone based on instructions in this site:

    currently,  I can receive calls through 3CX softphone, but when I dial out:
    1) The softphone rings 3 times
    2) Then it beeps busy tone 3 times
    3) 3CX softphone then displays the message 'Server Unreachable'
    4) and then it hangs up

  Which of (a), (b), or (c) is to blame for the outbound call issue?


It sounds like your outbound trunk is not setup correctly.

Try disabling your anti virus it might be blocking some ports. This is only true if hard phones work fine without problems