Can Other End Of Call Tell That I'm Using VOIP Service?

I placed a call using our trunk (was working most of the time through their reconfiguration (so far?) by finding a stable server) and the person on the other end of the phone said this call was flagged as a VOIP-service call.

Were they just fishing or is there a way to tell?

Assuming that your caller ID was not spoofed, they can look up the carrier for your number. If that is Bandwidth or similar, it’s almost certain to be VoIP service.

Technically speaking all calls are VoIP, even land lines. Only the last mile is copper and realistically I don’t think that term is still valid. Perhaps the last 500 feet

Thanks. I didn’t know that. Where can someone look up the carrier for a number? She did ask me if I was calling from the number I have registered with them before notifying of the flagged status.

Free manual lookups: (limited info) (scroll down to demo)

Automated lookups are not free, but several carriers including Twilio provide some free test credit when you sign up. Some provide considerable additional info (SMS routing, port date, etc.)

Thanks - Good to know.

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