Can on-hold call re-ring extension after certain period of time?

I am wondering is there is a way to a caller that was placed on-hold (not parked), re-ring the extension that put them on hold after a certain period of time?

We are not using queues, this is just basic where they call in and are asked to enter the extension they want. Once the extension is answered though, if a call is put on hold it seems to stay on hold forever if the person that answered forgets about them. So I want the caller to be put back to the extension that put them on hold after a couple of minutes.

I did not see any specific option for this (or I just missed it) and I did not find an answer while searching thru the forums.


yes that is what parking does and the time is configurable.

again though - check your actual phone capabilities, it’s possible it can do that.

Ok, thanks so much… very helpful information.

If parking is used, can you tell it to go back to the extension that it came from after a certain period of time if nobody picks it up?

that’s typically more of a phone configuration, as i believe some phones can be configured to warn you if a call has been put on hold after some period of time.

I’m not aware of anything on the Asterisk side that would facilitate that outside of using call parking in place of hold, but typically the hold button is hardcoded on the phone, and if you park a call, the call disappears from the phone so probably not what you want either.

Hello All,

I was looking up this issue and wanted to confirm we don’t have an alternative in 2.10x.

If you place someone on hold at your extension after an undetermined amount of time they will get disconnected, it will not ring back on that extension as a reminder that you have them on hold. I did look through the general & advanced settings but didnt see anything there as well as on the extension configuration.

I also went through the web options on the SPA504G and found nothing under the admin&advanced settings to allow me to configure something.

Is this basically a loophole?