Can not see the dahdi conf section from FreePBX Distro

I install FreePBX Distro version PBX Firmware: 4.211.64-5 and PBX Service Pack:, I could not find the dahdi section for configuring the cards. I have to set Sangoma A200 by setup-sangoma. How can i login into the dahdi mode from GUI?

Did you install DAHDi Config from Module Admin? If I recall it is not installed by default.

I do not see any tips and ask me install dahdi conf … How do i select that?

Look in the “Admin” menu for “Module Admin”. This is where you select the FreePBX modules you want installed. Check to see if the DAHDi module is installed.

thanks for the answer. I have checked few times, under that menu, I do not see any dahdi conf module there. It works by setup-sangoma …