Can not register SIP on Zoiper

Hi all
I have installed the latest version of FreePBX on another cloud server and restored the backup and changed the Asterisk password to be able to run it. Now everything looks fine and working but when I try to register a Zoiper login, it doesn’t look fine, can not find the SIP on the udp. The web is still on IP and hasn’t been connected to the domain yet and SSL cert is not applied too(if this can make the problem)

Check on the server side if you see any traffic using sngrep you need to rule out a misconfiguration on the server and/or in the softphone client.

Thanks buddy for the reply, would you pls give me more details? how to do that?

sometimes firewall block your ip and you can’t connect with your sip softphones. check your firewall if it enable and cheack your intrusion detection if ip’s are listed stop for while and try to connect again.

Hi mate, thanks for your reply.
I turned off the firewall, but still I have the same issue

Here is something to get you started. The post is older and sngrep is installed on the distro image by default now

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