Can not connect to asterisk

after I turn off my PBX and then back on I can access the GUI but I keep getting error that says Can not connect to asterisk how do I fix this.

Thank you.

How did you install FreePBX/Asterisk?
On what platform?
Be more complete on your “error”

or likely no-one can help you, there are no mind-readers here :wink:

I am using freepbx on a raspberry pi I am running raspberry-asterisk.

Likely a broken memory card, use your backup one.

As a “linuxman” you should start by checking that asterisk and mysql are running.


Steven, this is the first thing that comes to mind when any application starts misbehaving on a Raspberry PI…

I already suggested it here

and now dicko does it as well…

You might want to backup and make screen captures of your current and working (at least it was) configuration…

If your requirements are modest you don’t need a powerful PC to run FreePBX. If it is important for you that your system be reliable I suggest you use the PI for something else and run FreePBX on a more conventional PC…

As I said earlier in other threads I do have Raspberry PI’s but I would never try to use them for FreePBX or anything that needs to be reliable…

Good luck and have a nice day!