Can not activate FreePBX 15

Hi folks. I’m trying to activate a new install of v. 15. Each time I try I get an ‘account error’ with no further explanation. My login credentials are the same as the FreePBX wiki and forums. Is there a known issue with the process at this time that could be causing this failure? I previously activated v. 13 with the same email address a couple of years ago without an issue.


I’m not sure if this login is tied to the wiki and forums, but can you try logging in to the Sangoma portal? You can get there by clicking Login at, or here .

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The Sangoma portal has nothing to to with a community login unless you choose to use the same username and password (bad).


Wow sorry about this. It sure helps to be on the right web site (sangoma vs freepbx). That solved the issue and found my previous activation. Cheers =)


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