Can not access my server with domain

hi there, i have added my domain in the firewall and i used to access my server from that domain but now for some reason it does not work, maybe firewall does not lookup for the domain not sure what happened

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If your FreePBX firewall is not configured prperly and is blocking access reboot your pbx TWICE and it will temporarily disable the firewall and you should be able to get back in and fix the firrwall configuration.

I can acces from with ip but i want to access from my ddns also because the ip changes and i want to use my ddns to access my server

If I had to guess your dns has the wrong IP, especially since you can access via IP.

dig mysub.mydomain.tld any
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Domain has correct ip because i can access my home camera with that domain but cant acces my freepbx

So you’re running two web servers behind NAT? Then you need to forward different ports.

no i mean the freepbx is on the cloud and i want to access it from my home with my ddns domain, i have added that domain in the trusted network but cant access my freepbx it used to work before like 2 month ago but now i can not access from my ddns (from my home), i am sure that the ddns has the correct ip of my home

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