Can Node-Red AMI set a Custom Devstate?

Have been taking a peek at FreePBX->Node-Red–>xxx integration and have followed through @lgaetz two videos on the topic.

My particular interest (as per Lorne’s initial experimentations) was getting access to a few custom devstate hints that I’ve been using on my FreePBX for years and seeing them on my home automation system. Thankfully through those examples I have a good start at cobbling something together which I think will work. Have been using Node-Red for all of 45 minutes now so definitely going to need some tweaking :slight_smile:

Then (fortunately or unfortunately) in the middle of doing something simple (that I still know virtually nothing about) programming-brain kicks in and says if we will be able to see the status of these devices/hints in the home automation system… is there a way to in turn that around and use the automation system to set a custom device state rather than reading it? With the thought that I have dozens of BLF buttons on the sidecar of my phone which sit happily telling me when phones are on or off of the hook… why can’t I use one to see whether I forgot my garage door open?

So my question to those who have played with Node-Red-AMI for a little longer than I have is… is it possible to do this with this integration?


I’ve not done it myself, but you should be able to send the Setvar AMI command from Node-Red to Asterisk where you set the function DEVICE_STATE(Custom:XXXX) to the updated state (Idle, InUse, etc). How that translates to node-red is something you’ll have to figure out, but it will be something like

payload.action      SetVar
payload.Variable    DEVICE_STATE(Custom:XXXX) 
payload.Value       InUse
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Thanks for the insight @lgaetz, will add fiddling with that to my next caffeine fueled session :slight_smile:

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Just as a followup… I cobbled together a quick test and the code as posted works great.


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