Can I use this door entry panel?

I have one of these on my door that was previously working with my Toshiba IP phone system. Now I have a Freepbx system with Cisco handsets 7961.
Is there a way to utilise this entry panel using some sort of ATA or adaptor?
It’s a Videx 8000, I need it to ring all the phones when the button is pressed and then I need 2 way audio to see who it is, then when I press a button on the cisco handset, I need it to release the lock.

Anyone have any experience with using a door entry panel on FreePBX?
Can you only use the ones designed for Asterisk like fanvil?
The cheapest one I’ve seen is £110+vat

Lots of people have had success using door opening systems.

We were just discussing a couple of them last week.

The problem you are likely to run into with any of them is that they are all “just a little bit” different. Whether you can get it to work or not is largely based on the options you order it with and how you can hook it up. If you can get one that’s SIP, I’m sure you can eventually get almost any of them to work. The POTS versions of these beasts also work, but you’ll need and FXS port on the machine so you can hook the phone up.

Thanks for the info. I’m trying to decide whether or not to take the entry panel pictured above off the wall and replace it with a fanvil one which is described as being compatible with asterisk.
I’m not going to mess with the Freepbx server, so does that rule out Videx one (Pictured above)currently on the wall?

A quick google on your hardware seems to indicate that you need to have and installed an “audio” hardware addon, this would seem to be very UK (or IT) specific, so depending on the hardware you have, you would be able to use either an FXS or an FXO interface, cheapest would be a spa3000 series ata clone from china at 20 bucks from ebay, which would fit both bills. Then it would be totally asterisk compatible. Just time and sweat from there

ah, very interesting. And would the door release work to let the caller in from the cisco handset?

nothing to do with the extension used, you might need to add a “feature code” to intercept any dtmf 0,8 or 9 that the audio interface is programmed to listen to so you can press that button “in-call” to force an inband dtmf and thus trigger the lock solenoid

Thanks, perfect info. Helped me a lot. I’m going to do a little more reading on how this is done, then order an spa3000 clone and give it a go.

Got these working fine on some sites, you mention the 8000 kit which is just a intercom system have you got the videx art380 telephone interface?

Just programme a ATA up as an extension, programme the 380 up to ring a ring group, the door release is just done with a DTMF tone

Thanks for the help.
The Videx 8000 was previously working with a Toshiba ip phone system (5 years old) so I guess there must be an art 380 somewhere. (Didn’t notice it) it may be in the roof void.

The official response from Videx was that the 8000 will work with an ATA but not reliably.
I still think I might try it, as you have them working ok.

There are several solutions to replace an ATA. This most obvious is a DAHDI FXO interface that you can wire to the phone. This will require the setup of the Digium DAHDI software (which, depending on the FXS card, FreePBX may manage).

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