Can i use my personal mobile number and use as an extension in home?

How to use my personal mobile number for the extension in home uses?

Hi @arkoi,

you sure can,
you can almost use any numbering range in Asterisk.
Create a ring group and type your mobile number followed by # in the extension list.


There’s two ways to accomplish this (using your cell phone through your PBX):

  1. Get Zoiper and set up an extension on the server that connects to Zoiper. I use IAX connections for this (which is why I recommend Zoiper) but you can use SIP extensions with good passwords and any other VOIP app on your smartphone.

  2. If you use a stupidphone (the opposite of a smartphone), you can use DISA to dial through your PBX to make your cell phone appear to be inside the network, and you can set up a corresponding extension that forwards any incoming calls you want to send to your cell phone number.

How about if i want do dial my number which is connected to different extension from another mobile which is not in extension list? Do i need to take any service from my provider?

Hey @arkoi

Your gonna have to draw that one.
If you have a Sip client on your mobile then it is data
You can connect via Wifi or cellular
Then it is another extension. When it is on / connected it will ring.!
but data may cost over gsm

please explain a little deeper if needed.


how to dial from point A to point B? Does it need to be in same network?

Wow, I was sort of joking about the drawing but it does make it clearer after all.

If you want to use GSM as B, inbound/outbound Trunk then Openvox or similar do these type of PCI/PCI-e cards or external units you just put in a sim. I am sure there is a link to the sales section on this site for such things.
The same could be said if B was a LandLine, but a different card.

Or you would Simply Divert B to a VOIP provider and have the SIP trunk configured in Freepbx.
That way you are not limited to only one channel of the GSM.

I think the Call from A to B would depend on your carrier charges.
Even if A has Sip Client on smartphone there is still data traffic unless over Wifi.

I am just off out but when I get back I shall attempt a drawing also if it still seems confusing.
That would make a nice addition to the forum, a flow chart designer for such things.

I hope this helps, tell me more and I can continue to reply.


I’m not sure if you want to keep your mobile number on your mobile phone, but I use an Obi200 configured to connect to my mobile phone via bluetooth and to my PBX as a trunk. It lets me receive calls to my mobile through the PBX, and also make calls through the mobile from the PBX.